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Bobo glitches through walls

Reproduce Bug:
Go to a crouch area and crouch with Ugh. Walk as far away as possible from the opening. Bobo will glitch through wall, instead of preventing Ugh going further.

OS: Mac OSX 10.10.3
Current Commit ID: b88d28c

Possible Solution:
Kick Rigidbody physics handling.

Animation Curves


Most people had trouble getting on those moving platforms. This was due to their constant, linear movement where you had to jump on it exactly at the right time.

We’ve upgraded those animations with animation curves, which allow for a much greater controller of the overall animation, and making it possible to slow it down at start- and end position.


The Frozen Lightbaking Bug

After struggling several times for hours with the Lightbaking System in Unity5, I finally got to this post, which says that there’s a bug in Unity where the Lightbaking Process get’s stuck (or at least takes up way too much time) at some indirect light calculations, but only when the Precomputed Realtime GI’s Realtime Resolution is greater than 0.2


So watch out and keep the value lower than 0.2 !

Animations, we need animations!

In the last blog-post we showed our new energetic alien-resources, achieved with an animated shader from Steven Craeynest.
Revenge of the Cavemen includes a bunch of actuators and mechanisms which until now, only had two states: Active and Inactive. So when we changed their representation, we basically just switched the inactive model with the active model. The result of this was that in frame X it looked like inactive, and in frame X+1 it was active. We’re now working on implementing all the different animations for the actuators and mechanisms. Have a look at the basic door:


Still not a perfect fitting asset, but it’s on a good way!

Animated Shaders

We are currently working on a complete graphical overhaul and this also includes some fancy animated effects. Have a look at our new alien-resource units.

Animated Shader for Alien-Resources

Big up to Steven Craeynest who wrote a tutorial on how to implement easy volumetric explosions in Unity with nothing more than clever RGB-to-Displacement mapping, while animating the whole thing and applying a texture-ramp.

We used Steven’s Explosion-Shader with our own displacement map and  texture-ramp to achieve the effect of an energetic resource unit.


Some more fun (and useful!) stuff with animated shaders. Ok this time it’s actually only the distortionmap’s texture offset flowing.


The next steps

Our current milestone is definitely the Fantoche 2015 13th international animation festival in Baden, Switzerland where Revenge of the Cavemen will be part of the exhibition. Therefore we have some major tasks ahead. Have a glimpse on what changes will hit RotC in the coming weeks.

  • clean and fresh new sound-effects
  • atmospheric background music
  • major improvements in performance due to core optimization and a smart light-baking concept
  • all new textures for pretty much every single 3d-asset

Of course there will also be a large number of minor technical improvements such as changing on-the-fly to controller support, simple save and load features, checkpoint integrations, more customizable settings and a lot more.